Airline Maintenance Service Inc. (AMS)  and its predecessor have been providing Line Maintenance services to air carriers at the Nashville International Airport for more than a decade now. Additionally, we perform scheduled overnight maintenance for a major regional airline. Our services range from meeting every incoming aircraft for a courtesy check to tire and brake changes to engine changes on the ramp. We have a fully stocked parts room where we manage inventory for our air carrier partners. We are staffed 24 hours a day, every day and can respond to AOG situations quickly both locally and at most part 139 airports within a 250 nautical mile radius.

Expanding to the Tupelo Regional Airport gives AMS a larger reach and provides faster response times to AOG situations at airports far from our corporate headquarters in Nashville. At Tupelo, AMS has a modern well equipped 10,000 square foot hangar and attached 2,000 square feet of shop and office space. AMS provides maintenance services to a variety of general aviation customers in Tupelo. Additionally, AMS contracts with the City of Tupelo to provide FBO and fueling services for air carrier, cargo, military and general aviation customers.

AMS has positioned mobile response vans at both our Nashville and Tupelo locations. These are fully equipped work stations and include everything needed to respond to AOG situations from Indianapolis to Pensacola and from Little Rock to Charlotte and everything in between.

AMS is aggressively seeking expansion opportunities. Our qualified management team and young enthusiastic technicians are eager to prove our value to new customers. AMS is committed to showing customers we can provide quality on time maintenance.